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12th Oct 2014, 12:00 AM in Chapter 2- Happy Birthday
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Fluffythespider 12th Oct 2014, 12:00 AM edit delete
Edit 2/2017

(Sorry so much of this is rambling. :/ )

So now that this chapter has been fully updated, I will probably redo the next chapter and no further. As much as I'd like to redo chapter 4 as well, this takes a very long time (I started redoing these in 2015, I believe!)

Also, there is no Page 35 because my past-self wanted the pages to correlate to the number they actually are. Joke's on them, it's been off for a long time now.

Will upload a list of the original pages for comparison eventually. Trust me, they're an eyesore, but it might be interesting to see. Redoing these is not just about the art, but also the narrative as a whole just isn't as cohesive as I'd like. As you can imagine, the story has become a lot more concrete over time, and this gives me an opportunity to make a better experience for you. Often times, when I decide to add something to the canon, I tend to forget that it wasn't always there, which creates contradictions.

So yeah. I'll do the next chapter too, but I'll probably revise it far more heavily than these first two, which had characters cut and almost all the dialogue changed, but for the most part followed the original "plot". The next one I've been wanting to redo since I ended it, mostly because I ended it hastily. It was going to be a murder-mystery, like all well thought out and stuff, but half way through, I realized how long it would be and I kinda bailed and rushed to the end. So I'll probably redo it completely with an entirely new plot/characters, though you won't be lost if you don't reread it. That's one of the things about revision-I can only change so much. I'm restrained by future chapters and the information I chose to reveal in this particular chapter. All I can really do is make things more clear, and hopefully, relieved a better story than I was capable of in the past.

Know that I'm doing this unscheduled in conjunction to providing the regular updates, and even then I'm pressed to create extra pages for the current chapter in hopes of getting to the next part of the story faster. Webcomics take a very long time, and it frustrates me to be only able to snail along at a page a week.

So...I guess...yeah.